Wellsite Geology

NorAm geologists provide wellsite geology through real-time and summary evaluation of drilling procedures and geologic and hydrocarbon data. Real-time log and test data are considered during drilling, along with off-set and historic log data, to predict and assess geologic conditions such as zone contacts, formation tops, and show quality.  At well conclusion, we summarize the drilling chronology, drilling parameters, sample descriptions, and gas data in a written report, with interpretation and conclusions to allow the client full understanding and use of information.  All of this is compiled and reported directly from the wellsite.

Horizontal Geosteering

NorAm's geologists are highly skilled at geosteering and are all fully trained in all aspects of horizontal geosteering including landing curves and projecting targets through the lateral wellbore.

Formation Characterization

Our geologists have expansive coverage of formations stretching from Montana to New Mexico, and Nevada to Michigan, covering 22 states and over 30 hydrocarbon-rich basins across the country.  NorAm geologists can adapt quickly to changes in formation and efficiently relay what you need to know, always keeping you up to date!

Hydrocarbon Show Evaluation

With our proprietary gas detection instrumentation, our wellsite geologists can determine individual characteristics of the hydrocarbon suite being drilled for; including character, wetness, and balance, CO2, N2 and H2S. Since we can accurately read C1-C8 in less than 60 seconds, we can truly define the type of oil found and do it without normalizing the chromatography - something others simply cannot do!

Core, E-Log, & DST Supervision

NorAm's geologists are adept at supervising coring runs and describing core samples, as well as supervising electronic logging and drill stem testing, including determination of packer seat locations. We work with you to ensure you get the data you need from the location you need it to achieve a cost effective analysis of the targeted strata.
Our wellsite geology combines all the routine tasks a wellsite geologist is required to perform including:  
  • Daily Geological Reports
  • Structural Interpretation and Formation Depiction
  • Sample and Core Collection, Description, and Packaging
  • Hydrocarbon Analysis
  • Cross-Section and Plat View Construction
  • Comprehensive End of Well Geological Reports
  • Determination of Kick-Off Points, Casing Points, Total Depth, Sidetrack Points, and Packer Seating