As we continue to move forward at NorAm, we’re striving for ways to streamline communication, computation, comprehension, and improve our general product as a company.  Part of our design has been to establish an online portal where employees at NorAm can access important forms and documents, talk to each other via forums, submit documents and time sheets to the office directly without any email interference/lost emails/junk emails, etc. etc.

Eventually we will be able to drop files in a sense similar to DropBox and allow access to those that need it.  For example, your client wants to see your cross-section and mudlog and make some edits as they see fit without the hassel or limitations of web based email.  You save it to the shared folder where they can make the edits on the fly, allowing you to immediately pull it off the shared folder and continue your work.  We will also be streaming real-time data updates from your well, allowing clients and investors to see the progress of their well, real-time gas values, and real-time updates of their mud logs.

Need to ask the field a general question or poll on which steakhouse is the best in North Dakota?  Simple, hop on the forum and query away.

Forgot what day the pay period ends?  Need to send in your time sheet but lost the master form or are having issues with sending it via email?  No problem, you can find these solutions and files all in the employee documents section.