NorAm regards safety as our highest priority.  NorAm believes that a safe operating environment both in-house and at wellsite is critical to providing a professional mudlogging and geological consulting service to our clients. NorAm uses both ISN Networld (HS & E), DISA and PEC to regulate and audit its safety practices.  All NorAm employees are certified in SafeGulf/SafeLandUSA's Basic Orientation, administered through PECSafety, are registered in

At the start of employment, all NorAm staff receive SafeGulf/SafeLand USA Basic Orientation, job-specific safety training, and NorAm’s custom safety manual.

Each employee must verify in writing that he or she has received, read and understands the safety manual.

Employees are also required to read and understand the HSE procedures of our clients as per master service agreement specifications. Periodic refresher and update training and monthly in-house alerts reinforce safe behavior.

Employees are required to send out weekly safety reports and participate in daily meetings while on wellsite.

NorAm is a registered member of the following safety services:

PEC Safety | Our SafeLandUSA/SafeGulf training is administered by PEC certified personnel.  All employees are certified in Basic Orientation, covering both SafeLand USA and SafeGulf.
ISNetworld | We hold an "A" rating for all of our clients.
NCMS – National Compliance Management Service | Our national and extensive background checks are provided by NCMS.
DISA – Contractors Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium | DISA Provides our drug and alcohol screening.
National Safety Compliance | Our in-house training and recertification is provided through NSC testing.
Team Professional Services, Inc. | Our supervisors are certified FMCSA Supervisors.

ISN Contractor Safety Management

PEC Safety

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