Remote Geosteering

Remote Geosteering with NorAm allows you to not need a geologist onsite who is capable of geosteering a well.  The remote geosteering specialist will work with onsite crews to establish a target zone that best fits your needs and will work 24/7 to stay in that zone.  Remote geosteering teams will be made up of 2-3 geologists who will work 12 or 8-hour shifts to ensure maximum pay zone delivery.  If mudlogging services are on location, our remote geosteering team will work with those loggers to get timely delivery of sample information to them.  Utilizing our Internet Access Points, the remote geosteering crew can quickly examine the mud logs being built and the gas data recorded to easily and proactively identify the next point of attack for the well bore.

NorAm's operations geologist also keeps a watchful eye over every well covered by NorAm geosteering crews.  This gives you an all-in effort to ensure the best well bore can be drilled.

Remote Geosteering will Utilize:

  • Gamma Radiation Signatures
  • Calculation of Dip and Subsequent Anticipation of Future Dip
  • Lagged Sample Collection
  • Lagged Hydrocarbon Data
  • Lagged Sample Fluorescence and Cut (Oil Show Evaluations)
  • Hydrocarbon Ratios (Wetness, Character, & Balance)
  • MWD Survey Data
  • Rate of Penetration
  • Unexpected Changes in Drilling Parameters
  • Subsurface Maps
  • Seismic Maps (if Available)
  • Nearby Well Data for Correlation
  • NorAm's Extensive Log Library
  • Access to Historical State and Federal Information

NorAm's remote geosteering crews use the methods of geosteering coupled with less stress from a remote environment to ensure you have the most exposure of your targeted zone throughout your well.

Our geologists utilize all of these factors to make steering decisions, working with directional drillers to guide the well bore and thus depict subsurface structure through evaluation of formation dip and determination of possible faulting.

As is the case with our onsite geosteering crews, in looking out for your best interests as an operator, NorAm's geologists are also responsible for working with directional crews to create the best well bore:

  • That's Safe and Cost-Effective
  • Is Efficient with Minimal Dog Leg Severity
  • That has Maximum Rates of Penetration Within the Targeted Zone
  • By Reducing Unnecessary Sliding and Wear of the BHA.
  • Will Provide the Best Returns for your Investment