Quality Control

For accurate data collection, NorAm Wellsite Services ensures all staff are trained in the following manner:

  • Field equipment and instruments are regularly cleaned, calibrated, and serviced to uphold our stringent quality standards.
  • All employees are trained for proper equipment use and record keeping.
  • Daily well logs and electronic reports sent to the client are reviewed for quality, accuracy and clarity before transmission. These reports include the most current progress on your well from a geological standpoint and include pdf images of the cross-section so you can view progress from any mobile device.
  • NorAm’s in-house personnel thoroughly review all final client geological reports and well logs before distribution.
  • When available, historic logs from our library and state agencies are used to supplement and verify site findings and conclusions.
  • 24/7 coverage is provided by our employees and a highly trained NorAm professional is on location at all times from being mobilized to location and remains until he or she is released.
  • NorAm adheres to guidelines and standards set forth by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts, and American Institute of Professional Geologists.
  • NorAm utilizes Wellsight Systems for our well log creation, printed using a NeuraLog printer for the highest quality well logs available.  We also create well logs in a variety of digital formats to suit your needs.
  • NorAm's gas detection can be remotely accessed and serviced from any electronic or mobile device connected to the internet, 24/7/365, giving us the highest in quality of service.
  • NorAm's equipment is sent out to the field after undergoing extensive testing and calibration, ensuring all machines are calibrated to the same NIST standards and as such no two machines differ.
  • NorAm's operations team and field supervisors are available 24/7 should you need any assistance.