Our mudlogging services provide:  Sample descriptions, total gas data, and chromatographic results are immediately recorded for presentation on comprehensive, computer-generated well logs through Wellsight Systems; providing a complete geologic and hydrocarbon record of the borehole presented on a mudlog. Logs can be customized for desired content and format and plotted at scales from 1:48 to 1:1200 to facilitate correlation between the well log and wireline logs.

Mudlog features include:

  • Linear or Semi-Logarithmic Curves
  • Penetration Rate Curve
  • Gamma Ray Curve
  • Weight on Bit Curve (and/or other Desired Data Curves)
  • Engineering and Drilling Fluid Parameters
  • Sample Lithology (expressed both in percent and in descriptive text)
  • Porosity Information
  • Notations on Visual and Total shows
  • Total Gas Curve
  • Chromatographic Hydrocarbon Curves (C1-C8)
  • Chromatographic ratio plots of Wetness, Balance, and Character to Depict Reservoir Fluids and Locate Contact Points

Total gas and chromatographic data are collected with NorAm's Advanced Gas Detector (AGD).  All instrumentation is calibrated on a daily basis and at startup. Detailed mud log and digital data are transmitted directly to the client.  At well conclusion, all data is provided in print and digitally in PDF, TIFF and Log ASCII Standard (LAS) format. All mud loggers are experienced in horizontal and vertical drilling and working with MWD and Directional personnel to maintain the bit path in the formation of interest.

Our mudlogging services are offered in multiple packages and provide the following services:  

  • Complementary Gas Detection
  • Daily Mud Log Reports
  • Maintenance of our Proprietary Gas Detection Equipment
  • Sample Description and Packaging
  • Hydrocarbon Analysis
  • DST and Coring supervision
  • Cuttings Gas Analysis (If Required)
  • Well Review and Complete Annotation Services