NorAm geosteered the most recent world record holder for most footage on a single 6" bit run (15,330') all while:  Keeping the wellbore 100% within the targeted strata; requiring the fewest lateral drilling days at 4.86 and fewest total days (Spud-to-TD) at 10.05.  The well finished with a TD Measured Depth of 26,675'.  NorAm has now geosteered the top three world record-holding wells in the Bakken with an average of 97% within in the targeted zone and six of the top ten wells in the Williston Basin.

Targets are determined based on a number of tools that the geologist has at his or her disposal including:

  • Gamma Radiation Signatures
  • Calculation of Dip and Subsequent Anticipation of Future Dip
  • Lagged Sample Collection
  • Lagged Hydrocarbon Data (Including True C1 through C8 and CO2)
  • Lagged Sample Fluorescence and Cut (Oil Show Evaluations)
  • Hydrocarbon Ratios (Wetness, Character, & Balance)
  • MWD Survey Data
  • Rate of Penetration
  • Unexpected Changes in Drilling Parameters
  • Subsurface Maps
  • Seismic Maps (if Available)
  • Nearby Well Data for Correlation
  • NorAm's Extensive Log Library
  • Access to Historical State and Federal Information

NorAm's geologists use the methods of geosteering to ensure you have the most exposure of your targeted zone throughout your well.

Geosteering is the determination of the true vertical depth (TVD) of the target formation to land the curve within the targeted porosity interval and subsequently determining the TVD to maximize exposure to the targeted stratum while drilling the horizontal portion of the well.

Our geologists utilize all of these factors to make steering decisions, working with directional drillers to guide the well bore and thus depict subsurface structure through evaluation of formation dip and determination of possible faulting.

In looking out for your best interests as an operator, NorAm's geologists are also responsible for working with directional crews to create the best well bore:

  • That's Safe and Cost-Effective
  • Is Efficient with Minimal Dog Leg Severity
  • That has Maximum Rates of Penetration Within the Targeted Zone
  • By Reducing Unnecessary Sliding and Wear of the BHA.
  • Will Provide the Best Returns for your Investment