Advanced Gas Detection

About our Advanced Gas Detection Services

With Advanced Gas Detection, you get our Advanced Gas Detector (AGD) system.  This combines an MP2300 (Basic) with a high speed chromatograph integrated seamlessly into a single system.  When this system is connected to an EDR/Geolograph you can create a Well Log with Total Gas and Chromates from C1 to C8, N2, C02, Carbide, and H2S in less than 60 seconds.  This rental gas detection offers a complete setup time of less than five minutes total using an automated startup program that will be sampling within two minutes from the moment it is initiated; no need to adjust flowraters, install filaments, or adjust windows prior to startup - just plug it in to its depth source, power source, and poly flow line and turn it on!  The advanced gas detection will let you know when there's an error and its lighting system and software will aide you in determining that error to minimize down time - a crucial matter when drilling speeds are fast!  The included Internet Access Point allows for 4G Connectivity for both troubleshooting from the office as well as eliminating having to rely on rig/EDR-provided satellite internet, improving speed of communication and connection between you and your client.
  • Simple Hardware Setup
  • Fully automated software startup; ready to sample in less than two minutes
  • Easily shippable to your location
  • C1 -C8, N2, CO2, Carbide (Acetylene), and H2S in 60 seconds
  • Instantaneous independent Total Gas
  • NO Flowraters or flow adjustments necessary
  • Error lighting system with software integration to assist troubleshooting
  • Braided Hose with quick connections and independent swivel points improving mobility and ease of use
  • Wheels and telescopic handle for ease of movement
  • Internet Access Point (IAP) included
  • Advanced Gas Detection system is included with our manned services at no additional cost
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